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470                    HORSE-RACING.
as at Chester, N.B. This does not apply to the hunter's plate, of which the conditions are to be fixed as formerly by the master of the buck-hounds.
Manchester-—Three miles and a distance.
Newcastle-upon-Tyne—Three miles. Weights the same as at Chester.
Guildford, Edinburgh, Hampton, Liverpool, Ipswich, Chelmsford, and Winchester—Three years old, 7st. 51b. Four, 9st. lib. Five, 9st. 11 lb. Six and aged, lOst. 21b. Two-mile heats.
Goodwood—Three years old, 7st. 4 lb. Four, 9st. 21b. Five, 9st. 13lb. Six and aged, lOst. 4lb. About three miles and four furlongs.
York—Three years old, 8st. Four, Sst. 121b. Five, 9st. 4lb. Six, 9st. 71b. And aged, 9st. 9lb. Two miles.
Canterbury, Salisbury, Lewes, Warwick, Wey­mouth, and Lichfield.—Three years old, 8st. 21b. Four, 9st. 61b. Five, lOst. Six and aged, lOst. 3lb. Two-mile heats.
Northampton, Bedford, Leicester, and Shrews­bury—Three years old, 7st. lllb. Four, 9st. lib. Five, 9st. 9lb ; and six and aged, lOst. Three miles.
Doncaster, Carlisle, and Caledonian Hunt. — Three years old, 7st. 9lb. Four, 9st. Five, 9st. 9lb. Six and aged, lOst. Four miles.
Lincoln and Nottingham—Three years old, 8st. 21b. Four, 9st. 4lb. Five, 9st. lllb. Six and aged, lOst. Two-mile heats.
York and Richmond—Alternate plate.—Four years old, 8st. 71b. Five, 9st. lib. Six and aged, 9st. 51b. Three miles.
The first Newmarket plate, the plates at Chelmsford and Lincoln, and that run for alter­nately at York and Richmond, are to be run for by mares only as heretofore.
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