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PREVARICATION.                                                     89
" Please to don't poke fun at a poor girl like me, mum. If I'm in the way, here, I'll------"
" No, you won't. Set down and stay where you are. I ain't going to hurt you, and I ain't going to tell on you, nuther. You just tell me your secret, and trust me. I'll keep it ; and what's more, I'll help you. So'll my old man, if you want him to. You see, you're a runaway 'prentice—that's all. It ain't any­thing. There ain't any harm in it. You've been treated bad, and you made up your mind to cut. Bless you, child, I wouldn't tell on you. Tell me all about it, now—that's a good boy."
So I said it wouldn't be no use to try to play it any longer, and I would just make a clean breast and tell her everything, but she mustn't go back on her promise. Then I told her my father and mother was dead, and the law had bound me out to a mean old farmer in the country thirty mile back from the river, and he treated me so bad I couldn't stand it no longer; he went away to be gone a couple of days, and so I took my chance and stole some of his daugh­ter's old clothes, and cleared out, and I had been three nights coming the thirty miles ; I traveled nights, and hid day-times and slept, and the bag of bread and meat I carried from home lasted me all the way and I had a plenty. I said I believed my uncle Abner Moore would take care of me, and so that was why I struck out for this town of Goshen."
" Goshen, child ? This ain't Goshen. This is St. Petersburg. Goshen's ten mile further up the river. Who told you this was Goshen ?"
" Why, a man I met at day-break this morning, just as I was going to turn into the woods for my regular sleep. He told me when the roads forked I must take the right hand, and five mile would fetch me to Goshen."
" He was drunk I reckon. He told you just exactly wrong."
" Well, he did act like he was drunk, but it ain't no matter now. I got to be moving along. I'll fetch Goshen before day-light."
" Hold on a minute. I'll put you up a snack to eat. You might want it."
So she put me up a snack, and says :
" Say—when a cow's laying down, which end of her gets up first ? Answer up prompt, now—don't stop to study over it. Which end gets up first ? "
"The hind end, mum."