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92                       THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN.*
was most winded, but I shoved right into the timber where my old camp used to be, and started a good fire there on a high-and-dry spot.
Then I jumped in the canoe and dug out for our place a mile and a half below, as hard as I could go. I landed, and slopped through the timber and up the ridge and into the cavern. There Jim laid, sound asleep on the ground. I roused him out and says :
" Git up and hump yourself, Jim ! There ain't a minute to lose. They're
after us !"
Jim never asked no questions, he never said a word ; but the way he worked
for the next half an hour showed about how he was scared. By that time
everything we had in the world was on our raft and she was ready to be shoved
out from the willow cove where she was hid. We put out the camp fire at
the cavern the first thing, and didn't show a candle outside after that.
I took the canoe out from shore a little piece and took a look, but if there
was a boat around I couldn't see it, for stars and shadows ain't good to see by.
Then we got out the raft and slipped along down in the shade, past the foot
of the island dead still, never saying a word.