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"I thought he lived in London ?"
"Well, he does. Where would he live ?"
"But I thought you lived in Sheffield ?"
I see I was up a stump. I had to let on to get choked with a chicken bone, so as to get time to think how to get down again. Then I says :
" I mean he goes to our church regular when he's in Sheffield. That's only in the summer-time, when he comes there to take the sea baths."
"Why, how you talk—Sheffield ain't on the sea."
" Well, who said it was ? "
" Why, you did."
"I didn't, nuther."
"You did!"
"I didn't."
"You did."
" I never said nothing of the kind."
" Well, what did you say, then ? "
" Said he come to take the sea baths—that's what I said."
"Well, then ! how's he going to take the sea baths if it ain't on the sea ?"
" Looky here," I says ; " did you ever see any Congress water ? "
" Well, did you have to go to Congress to get it ? "
"Why, no."
"Well, neither does William Fourth have to go to the sea to get a sea bath."
"How does he get it, then ?"
" Gets it the way people down here gets Congress-water—in barrels. There in the palace at Sheffield they've got furnaces, and he wants his water hot. They can't bile that amount of water away off there at the sea. They haven't got no conveniences for it."
"Oh, I see now. You might a said that in the first place and saved time."
When she said that, I see I was out of the woods again, and so I was comfort­able and glad. Next, she says :