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"Do you go to church, too ?9'
" Where do you set ?"
" Why, in our pew."
" Whose yew?"
" Why, our 11—your Uncle Harvey's."
"His'n ? What does he want with a pew ? "
" Wants it to set in. What did you reckon he wanted with it ?"
"Why, I thought he'd be in the pulpit!"
Rot him, I forgot he was a preacher. I see I was up a stump again, so I played another chicken bone and got another think. Then I says :
" Blame it, do you suppose there ain't but one preacher to a church ? "
" Why, what do they want with more ? "
"What!—to preach before a king ? I never see such a girl as you. They don't have no less than seventeen."
"Seventeen ! My land ! Why, I wouldn't set out such a string as that, not if I never got to glory. It must take 'em a week."
" Shucks, they don't all of 'em preach the same day—only one of 'em."
" Well, then, what does the rest of 'em do ? "
" Oh, nothing much. Loll around, pass the plate—and one thing or another. But mainly they don't do nothing."
" Well, then, what are they for ? "
" Why, they're for style. Don't you know nothing ?"
" Well, I don't want to know no such foolishness as that. How is servants treated in England ? Do they treat 'em better 'n we treat our niggers ? "
"No! A servant ain't nobody there. They treat them worse than dogs."
" Don't they give 'em holidays, the way we do, Christmas and New Year's week, and Fourth of July ? "
"Oh, just listen ! A body could tell you hain't ever been to England, by that. Why, Hare-1—why, Joanna, they never see a holiday from year's end to year's end ; never go to the circus, nor theatre, nor nigger shows, nor nowheres."