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Complete illustrated version of Mark Twain's classic book.

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"Nor church ?" "Nor church."
"But you always went to church."
Well, I was gone up again. I forgot I was the old man's servant. But next
minute I whirled in on a kind of an explanation how a valley was different from a common servant, and had to go to church whether he wanted to or not, and set with the family, on account of it's being the law. But I didn't do it pretty good, and when I got done I see she warn't satisfied. She says :
" Honest injun, now, hain't you been telling me a lot of lies?"
" Honest injun," says I. "None of it at all?" " None of it at all. Not a lie in it," savs I.
" Lay your hand on this book and say it."
T see it warn't nothing but a dictionary, so I laid my hand on it and said it. So then she looked a little better satisfied, and says :
"Well, then, I'll believe some of it ; but I hope to gracious if I'll believe the rest."
"What is it you won't believe, Joe ?" says Mary Jane, stepping in with Susan behind her. " It ain't right nor kind for you to talk so to him, and him a stranger and so far from his people. How would you like to be treated so ? "