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to that doctor, private, and blow on these frauds ? No—that won't do. He might tell who told him ; then the king and the duke would make it warm for me. Shall I go, private, and tell Mary Jane ? No—I dasn't do it. Her face would give them a hint, sure ; they've got the money, and they'd slide right out and get away with it. If she was to fetch in help, I'd get mixed up in the Dusiness, before it was done with, I judge. No, there ain't no good way but one.
I got to steal that money, somehow; and I got to steal it some way that they won't suspicion that I done it. They've got a good thing, here ; and they ain't agoing to leave till they've played this family and this town for all they're worth, so I'll find a chance time enough. I'll steal it, and hide it; and by-and-by, when I'm away down the river, I'll write a letter and tell Mary Jane where it's hid. But I better hive it to-night, if I can, because the doctor maybe hasn't let up as much as he lets on he has ; he might scare them out of here, yet.
So, thinks I, I'll go and search them rooms. Up stairs the hall was dark, but