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The thing made a big stir in the town, too, and a good many come out flat-footed and said it was scandalous to separate the mother and the children that way. It injured the frauds some; but the old fool he bulled right along, spite of all the duke could say or do, and I tell you the duke was powerful uneasy.
Next day was auction day. About broad-day in the morn­ing, the king and the duke come up in the garret and woke me up, and I see by their look that there was
trouble. The king says : "Was you in my room
night before last ?"
""No, your majesty"— which was the way I always called him when nobody but our gang warn't around.
" Was you in there yister-day er last night ? "
"No, your majesty."
" Honor bright, now—no lies."
" Honor bright, your majesty, I'm telling you the truth. I hain't been anear your room since Miss Mary Jane took you and the duke and showed it to you."
The duke says :
" Have you seen anybody else go in there ? "
" No, your grace, not as I remember, I believe."
" Stop and think."