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Complete illustrated version of Mark Twain's classic book.

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" Is something gone wrong ? "
The king whirls on me and rips out :
" None o' your business ! You keep your head shet, and mind y'r own affairs—if you got any. Long as you're in this town, don't you forgit that, you hear ? " Then he says to the duke, " We got to jest swaller it, and say noth'n : mum's the word for us."
As they was starting down the ladder, the duke he chuckles again, and says :
" Quick sales and small profits ! It's a good business—yes."
The king snarls around on him and says,
"I was trying to do for the best, in sellin' 'm cut so quick. If the profits has
turned out to be none, lackin' considable, and none to carry, is it my fault any more'n it's yourn ? "
" Well, they'd be in this house yet, and we wouldn't if I could a got my advice listened to."
The king sassed back, as much as was safe for him, and then swapped around and lit into me again. He give me down the banks for not coming and telling him I see the niggers come out of his room acting that way—said any fool would