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to see Mr.—Mr.—what is the name of that rich family your uncle Peter used
to think so much of ?—I mean the one that------"
" Why, you must mean the Apthorps, ain't it ?"
'e Of course; bother them kind of names, a body can't ever seem to remember them, half the time, somehow. Yes, she said, say she has run over for to ask the Apthorps to be sure and come to the auction and buy this house, because she allowed her un­cle Peter would ruther they had it than anybody else ; and she's going to stick to them till they say they'll come, and then, if she ain't too tired, she's coming home ; and if she is, she'll be home in the morning any­way. She said, don't say nothing about the Proctors, but only about the Apthorps —which'll be perfectly true,
because she is going there to speak about their buying the house; I know it,
because she told me so, herself."
"All right," they said, and cleared out to lay for their uncles, and give them
the love and the kisses, and tell them the message.
Everything was all right now. The girls wouldn't say nothing because they
wanted to go to England ; and the king and the duke would ruther Mary Jane
was off working for the auction than around in reach of Doctor Robinson. I felt
very good ; I judged I had done it pretty neat—I reckoned Tom Sawyer couldn't