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Seyeral of them jumped for him and begged him not to talk that way to an old man and a preacher.
"Preacher be hanged, he's a fraud and a liar. He was up at the Pint that mornin'. I live up there, don't I ? Well, I was up there, and he was up
there. I see him there. He
come in a canoe, along with Tim Collins and a boy."
The doctor he up and says : " Would you know the boy again if you was to see him, Hines ? "
" I reckon I would, but I don't know. Why, yonder he is, now. I know him perfectly easy."
It was me he pointed at. The doctor says :
"Neighbors, I don't know whether the new couple is frauds or not; but if these two ain't frauds, I am an idiot, that's all. I think it's our duty to see that they don't get away from here till we've looked into this thing. Come along, Hines ; come along, the rest of you. We'll take these fellows to the tavern and affront them with t'other couple, and I reckon we'll find out some­thing before we get through."
It was nuts for the crowd, though maybe not for the king's friends ; so we all started. It was about sundown. The doctor he led me along by the hand, and was plenty kind enough, but he never let go my hand.
We all got in a big room in the hotel, and lit up some candles, and fetched in the new couple. First, the doctor says :