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they got aboard, the king went for me,
and shook me by the collar, and says :
" Tryin' to give us the slip, was
ye, you pup ! Tired of our company
I says :
"No, your majesty, we warn't— please don't, your majesty !"
" Quick, then, and tell us what was your idea, or I'll shake the insides out o' you !"
" Honest, I'll tell you everything, just as it happened, your majesty. The man that had aholt of me was very good to me, and kept saying he had a boy about as big as me that died last year, and he was sorry to see a boy in such a dangerous fix; and when they was all took by surprise by finding the gold, and made a rush for the coffin, he lets go of me and whispers, ' Heel it, now, or they'll hang ye, sure!' and I lit out. It didn't seem no good for me to stay—/ couldn't do nothing, and I didn't want to be hung if I could get away. So I never stopped running till I found the canoe ; and when I got here I told Jim to hurry, or they'd catch me and hang me yet, and said I was afeard you and the duke wasn't alive, now, and