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Complete illustrated version of Mark Twain's classic book.

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"Shucks!" says the king, very sarcastic; "'but Idon't know—maybe you was asleep, and didn't know what you was about."
The duke bristles right up, now, and says :
" Oh, let up on this cussed nonsense—do you take me for a blame' fool ? Don't you reckon I know who hid that money in that coffin ? "
'' Yes, sir ! I know you do know—because you done it yourself !"
" It's a lie !"—and the duke went for him. The king sings out:
" Take y'r hands off !—leggo my throat!—I take it all back !"
The duke says :
"Well, you just own up, first, that you didh\&& that money there, intending to give me the slip one of these days, and come back and dig it up, and have it all to yourself."
"Wait jest a minute, duke—answer me this one question, honest and fair ; if you didn't put the money there, say it, and I'll b'lieve you, and take back everything I said."
"You old scoundrel, I didn't, and you know I didn't. There, now !"
" Well, then, I b'lieve you. But answer me only jest this one more—now