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Complete illustrated version of Mark Twain's classic book.

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stopped talking, and got to thinking. By-and-by Tom says :
" Looky here, Huck, what fools we are, to not think of it before ! I bet I know where Jim is." "No! Where?" "In that hut down by the ash-hopper. Why, looky here. When we was at dinner, didn't you see a nigger man go in there with some vittles ? " "Yes."
"What did you think the vittles was for ? " "For a dog."
"So'd I. Well, it wasn't for a dog." " Why?"
:( Because part of it was watermelon."
" So it was—I noticed it. Well, it does beat all, that I never thought about a dog not eating watermelon. It shows how a body can see and don't see at the same time."
"Well, the nigger unlocked the padlock when he went in, and he locked it again when he come out. He fetched uncle a key, about the time we got up