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we couldn't hardly see anything, it was so dark ; but Jim was there, sure enough, and could see us ; and he sings out:
" Why, Huck ! En good lan'! ain' dat Misto Tom ? "
I just knowed how it would be ; I just expected it. I didn't know nothing to do; and if I had, I couldn't a done it; because that nigger busted in and says :
'' Why, de gracious sakes ! do he know you genlmen ? "
We could see pretty well, now. Tom he looked at the nigger, steady and kind of wondering, and says :
" Does who know us ? "
" Why, dish-yer runaway nigger."
" I don't reckon he does; but what put that into your head ? "
" What put it dar ? Didn' he jis' dis minute sing out like he knowed you ? "
Tom says, in a puzzled-up kind of way :
" Well, that's mighty curious. Who sung out ? When did he sing out ? What did he sing out ?" And turns to me, perfectly c'am, and says, "Did you hear anybody sing out ? "
Of course there warn't nothing to be said but the one thing ; so I says :
" No ; Iain't heard nobody say nothing."
Then he turns to Jim, and looks him oyer like he never see him before ; and says :
" Did you sing out ? "
" No, sah," says Jim ; " i" hain't said nothing, sah."
" Not a word ? "
"No, sah, I hain't said a word."
" Did you ever see us before ? "
" No, sah ; not as Iknows on."
So Tom turns to the nigger, which was looking wild and distressed, and says, kind of severe :
" What do you reckon's the matter with you, anyway ? What made you think somebody sung out ? "
"Oh, it's de dad-blame' witches, sah, en I wisht I was dead, I do. Dey's awluz at it, sah, en dey do mos' kill me, dey sk'yers me so. Please to don't