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Complete illustrated version of Mark Twain's classic book.

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" Ther's six candles gone—that's what. The rats could a got the candles, and I reckon they did ; I wonder they don't walk off with the whole place, the
way you're always going to stop their holes and don't do it; and if they warn't fools they'd sleep in your hair, Silas—you'd never find it out; but you can't lay the spoon on the rats, and that I know."
" Well, Sally, I'm in fault, and I acknowl­edge it; I've been remiss ; but I won't let to-morrow go by without stopping up them holes."
" Oh, I wouldn't hurry, next year'll do. Matilda Angelina Araminta Phelps ! "
Whack comes the thimble, and the child snatches her claws out of the sugar-bowl without fooling around any. Just then, the nigger woman steps onto the passage, and says :
"Missus, dey's a sheet gone." " A sheet gone ! Well, for the land's sake !"
"I'll stop up them holes to-day," says Uncles Silas, looking sorrowful. "Oh, do shet up !—spose the rats took the sheet f Where's it gone, Lize ?" " Clah to goodness I hain't no notion, Miss Sally. She wuz on de clo's-line yistiddy, but she done gone ; she am' dah no mo,' now."
"I reckon the world is coming to an end. I never see the beat of it, in all my born days. A shirt, and a sheet, and a spoon, and six can------"
" Missus," comes a young yaller wench, "dey's a brass cannelstick miss'n." " Oler out from here, you hussy, er I'll take a skillet to ye !" Well, she was just a biling. I begun to lay for a chance ; I reckoned I would sneak out and go for the woods till the weather moderated. She kept a raging