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soon, when one of them says, " I'm for going and getting in the cabin first, and right now, and catching them when they come," I most dropped ; and a streak of butter come a trickling down my forehead, and Aunt Sally she see it, and turns white as a sheet, and says :
" For the land's sake what is the matter with the child !—he's got the brain fever as shore as you're born, and they're oozing out!"
And everybody runs to see, and she snatches off my hat, and out comes the bread, and what was left of the butter, and she grabbed me, and hugged me, and says :
" Oh, what a turn you did give me ! and how glad and grateful I am it ain't no worse; for luck's against us, and it never rains but it pours, and when I see that truck I thought we'd lost you, for I knowed by the color and all, it was just like your brains would be if— Dear, dear, whyd'nt you tell me that was what you'd been down there for, I wouldn't a cared. Now cler out to bed, and don't lemme see no more of you till morning ! "
I was up stairs in a second, and down the lightning-rod in another one, and shinning through the dark for the lean-to. I couldn't hardly get my words out, I was so anxious; but I told Tom as quick as I could, we must jump for it, now, and not a minute to lose—the house full of men, yonder, with guns !
His eyes just blazed ; and he says:
" No !—is that so ? Ain't it bully ! Why, Huck, if it was to do over again, I bet I could fetch two hundred ! If we could put it off till------"
"Hurry ! hurry!" I says. " Where's Jim ?"
" Right at your elbow ; if you reach out your arm you can touch him. He's dressed, and everything's ready. Now we'll slide out and give the sheep-signal."
But then we heard the tramp of men, coming to the door, and heard them begin to fumble with the padlock ; and heard a man say :
" I told you we'd be too soon ; they haven't come—the door is locked. Here, I'll lock some of you into the cabin and you lay for 'em in the dark and kill 'em when they come ; and the rest scatter around a piece, and listen if you can hear 'em coming."