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cretur 'ts in his right mind 's agoin' to scrabble all them crazy things onto a grindstone, s'l ? Here sich 'n' sich a person busted his heart; ?n' here so V so pegged along for thirty-seven year, 'n' all that—natcherl son o' Louis somebody, ?n' sich everlast'n rubbage. He's plumb crazy, s'l; it's what I says in the fust place, it's what; I says in the middle, 'n' it's what I says last 'n' all the time —the nigger's crazy—crazy 's Nebokoodneezer, s'I"
" An' look at that-air ladder made out'n rags, Sister Hotchkiss," says old Mrs. Damrell, " what in the name o'
goodness could he ever want of-----"
'' The very words I was a-sayin' no longer ago th'n this minute to Sister Utterback, ?n' she'll tell you so herself. Sh-she, look at that-air rag ladder, sh-she; V s'l, yes, look at it, s'l— what could he a wanted of it, s'l.
Sh-she, Sister Hotchkiss, sh-she------"
"But how in the nation'd they ever git that grindstone in there, any-
way ? 'n' who dug that-air hole? V who------"
" My very words, Brer Penrod ! I was a-sayin'—pass that-air sasser o' m'lasses, won't ye ?—I was a-sayin' to Sister Dunlap, jist this minute, how did they git that grindstone in there, s'I. Without help, mind you—'thout help! ' Thar's wher' 'tis. Don't tell me, s'l; there wuz help, s'l; 'n' ther' wuz a plenty help, too, s'l; ther's ben a dozen a-helpin' that nigger, 'n' I lay I'd skin every last nigger on this place, but Td find out who done it, s'l; 'n' moreover, s'l------"
"A dozen, says you !—forty couldn't a done everything that's been done. Look at them case-knife saws and things, how tedious they've been made ; look at that bed-leg sawed off with 'm, a week's work for six men ; look at that nigger made out'n straw on the bed ; and look at------"
"You may well say it, Brer Hightower ! It's jist as I was a-sayin' to Brer Phelps, his own self. S'e, what do you think of it, Sister Hotchkiss, s'e ? think