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"HAND OUT THEM LETTERS."                                  363
"Well, I never got 'em, Sis."
Aunt Polly, she turns around slow and severe, and says :
"You, Tom!"
" Well—what f" he says, kind of pettish.
"Don't you what me, you impudent thing—hand out them letters."
"What letters?"
" Them letters. I be bound, if I have to take aholt of you I'll------"
" They're in the trunk. There, now. And they're just the same as they was when I got them out of the office. I hain't looked into them, I hain't touched them. But I knowed they'd make trouble, and I thought if you warn't in no hurry, I'd------"
" Well, you do need skinning, there ain't no mistake about it. And I wrote another one to tell you I was coming ; and I spose he------"
"No, it come yesterday ; I hain't read it yet, but ifs all right, I've got that one."
I wanted to offer to bet two dollars she hadn't, but I reckoned maybe it was just as safe to not to. So I never said nothing.