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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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I DEAL Home Life is chock full of practical suggestions for home happiness.
The first division, "Home Plays for Little People," gives a lot of ideas for plays and games about the house for children from babyhood up to ten or twelve years of age. The baby cannot read this, of course, but mother can tell the baby what to do, and she can show the older children how they may do the things that are described here. Some of the school­children will enjoy reading about "Magic Cities" and Bottle Dolls themselves.
"Home Amusements for Everybody" gives a big grist of indoor and outdoor games, puzzles, tricks, and conundrums. Right after this you are told how to get up a party and use these plays. "When Young People Get Together" also describes the popular boys' and girls' clubs of the day.
The next three sections are all about making the most of the home itself. "Making Our Home Beautiful" describes how the rooms, the music, the pets, and the guests all con­tribute to our happier living. "Enjoying Each Other" gives novel ideas about meal-time, evening play, stormy Saturdays in the house, and tells how to travel together and how to have a family camp. "Our Home Library" suggests the best books with which to start the home collection, and how to use them.
Perhaps the most valuable and interesting portion of the volume to many of our readers is "Home Handicraft." A group of teachers of manual training in one of the most beauti­ful cities of America interested their boys and girls by telling them they were going to prepare these articles and sketches to be read by tens of thousands of their young fellow-country­men, and they spent a whole winter in working out these home-made toys and implements. So we know that these are
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