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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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4                             IDEAL HOME LIFE
Kindergarten beads are very useful and helpful. They are in the form of half-inch wooden balls, cubes, and cylinders, in the six primary and secondary colors, and also in the nat­ural wood. A shoe-lace is used for stringing them. I would suggest, to begin with, that the child string balls only, and all one color. After he has made a long string of these, ask if he would like to use two colors. He will probably string them in irregular order at first, and if so it will be necessary to sug­gest alternating the colors, putting on two of one color and one of another, and so on. In this way he will soon learn all the colors, and numbers perhaps up to six or eight, and will know one form. Form is the most difficult subject for the little child to grasp, and for this reason the different forms should be introduced last in these little lessons.
Play Potters
What else is there with which little children's hands can be kept occupied? First of all, sand. Just turn the children loose in a pile or table of sand, with a spoon, a pail, a cup, or anything with which they can dig or shovel. I personally do not like to have sand in the house, but if you have a suit­able place for it, it need not make any trouble. An old kitchen table turned upside down with the legs cut short and put on the other side, makes a good table for sand. A piece of burlap or denim placed under the table keeps the sand from being scattered over the house.
With clay, a simple little cradle may be made. The child first rolls a piece into a ball, cuts it in half, with a string. One of these halves forms the lower part of the cradle. The other he cuts in two, using one piece for the top, and remodeling the other into a "ball for baby."
Birds' nests with eggs can be made with clay; also apples, oranges, cups and saucers, and even animals may be attempted. Plasticine is the best kind of clay to use, as it is easily handled and is always ready.
For little children, before they are old enough to use scis­sors, tearing paper is an engaging occupation. Tear a piece
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