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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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of old newspaper into an oblong shape. It may be any size, about two by four inches we will say. By folding this in the middle, it will make a little tent. Again, fold in thirds, one piece turned up and one down, for a chair. Turn both ends down for a table. The child can tear paper into trees, a ball, doll babies, and many other simple shapes.
What Scissors Can Do
When the child is old enough he can begin to use scissors, but be sure to provide a pair with blunt points that cannot easily hurt him. These will afford endless hours of amuse­ment and profit. Have you found that "He cuts papers all over the floor?" Of course he does, but use this occasion to teach him neatness. Let him have his own little waste-basket, and he will delight in picking up the papers.
Have him cut pictures from old magazines, and paste them into a book, made from manilla wrapping paper. To make the book, take any desired size of paper, fold several sheets in half, and sew them together along the crease. A pretty picture . might be pasted on the front page, or the child could draw one on it. This will take many days' work, but all the time he will be learning many lessons in patience, concentration, neatness, and accuracy, and will be developing artistic talent if he is apt at drawing. If, in his cutting, he comes to a pic­ture that has a story, tell it to him. Do not criticize his work, as this may discourage him, but see to it that he does the best he can.
Let the child draw with colored crayons or "crayolas." You will be surprised at how soon and how well, under proper guidance, he will be able to use this means of expressing himself.
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