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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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42                            IDEAL HOME LIFE
color are they?" he replies: "Black, white, and gray." All the players then cry: " Turn round three times and catch whom you may." "Buff" accordingly spins round and then the fun commences. He tries to catch the players, while they in their turn do their utmost to escape "Buff," all the time making little sounds to attract him. This goes on until one of the players is caught, when "Buff," without having the bandage removed from his eyes, has to guess the name of the person he has secured. If the guess is a correct one the player who has been caught takes the part of "Buff," and the former "Buff" joins the ranks of the players.
Simon Says
Seat yourselves in a circle and choose one of the company to be the leader, or Simon. His duty is to order all sorts of different things to be done, the funnier the better, which must be obeyed only when the order begins with "Simon says." As, for instance, " Simon says: 'Thumbs up!'" which, of course, all obey; then perhaps comes: "Thumbs down!" which should not be obeyed, because the order did not commence with " Simon says."
Each time this rule is forgotten a forfeit must be paid. "Hands over eyes," "Stamp the right foot," "Pull the left ear," etc., are the kind of orders to be given.
The Schoolmaster
This is always a favorite game. One of the players is chosen schoolmaster, and the others, ranged in order in front of him, form the class. The master may then examine the class in any branch of learning. Suppose him to choose geogra­phy, he must begin with the pupil at the head of the class, and ask for the name of a country or town beginning with A. If the pupil does not reply correctly before the master has counted ten, he asks the next pupil, who, if he answers rightly—say, for instance, "America," or "Amsterdam," in time, goes to the top of the class. The schoolmaster may go on in this way through
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