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turn. The answer must be either "Yes" or "No," and in no case should more words be used, under penalty of paying a forfeit. The first important point to be found out is whether the subject is " Animal," " Vegetable," or " Mineral." Suppos­ing, for instance, the subject chosen is a cat which is sleeping in the room by the fire, the questions and answers might be like the following:—"Is the subject chosen an animal?" "Yes." "Wild animal" "No." "Domestic animal?" "Yes." "Com­mon?" "Yes." "Are there many to be seen in this town?" "Yes." "Have you seen many this day?" "Yes." "In this house?" "No." "Have you seen many in the road?*' "Yes." "Do they draw carts?" "No." "Are they used for working purposes?" "No." "Is the subject a pet?" "Yes." "Have they one in the house?" "Yes." "In this room?" "Yes." "Is it lying in front of the fire at the present time?" "Yes." "Is the subject you all thought of the cat lying in front of the fire in this room?" "Yes." The subject having been guessed, another one is chosen and the game pro­ceeds.
One of the party leaves the room, and on his return he is asked to find a word which has been chosen by the other players in his absence, and in order to help him another word is men­tioned rhyming with the word to be guessed. Questions may then be asked by the guesser, and the players must all introduce, as the final word of their answer, another word rhyming with the word chosen. For instance, suppose the word "way" is selected. The guesser would then be told that the word chosen rhymes with "say." He might then ask the first one of the party: "What do you think of the weather?" and the answer might be: "We have had a lovely day." The second question might be: "Have you enjoyed yourself?" and the answer might be: "Yes; I have had lots of play." The game would proceed in this way until the guesser gave the correct answer or one of the party failed to give the proper rhyme, in which case the latter would then be called upon to take the place of guesser.
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