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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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Green gravel, green gravel, your grass is so green, The fairest young damsel that ever was seen. I'll wash you in new milk and dress you in silk, And write down your name with a gold pen and ink. Oh! (Mary) Oh! (Mary) your true love is dead; He's sent you a letter to turn round your head.
When the players arrive at that part of the song, "Oh, Mary!" they name some member of the company; when the song is finished the one named must turn right round and face the outside of the ring, having her back to all the other players. She then joins hands in this position and the game continues as before until all the players face outward. They then recom­mence, until they all face the inside of the ring as at first.
The Farmyard
This game, if carried out properly, will cause great amuse­ment. One of the party announces that he will whisper to each person the name of some animal, which, at a given signal, must be imitated as loudly as possible. Instead, however, of giving the name of an animal to each, he whispers to all the company, with the exception of one, to keep perfectly silent. To this one he whispers that the animal he is to imitate is the donkey.
After a short time, so that all may be in readiness, the signal is given. Instead of all the party making the sounds of various animals, nothing is heard but a loud bray from the one un­fortunate member of the company.
"How Many Nuts Do I Hold Here?"
One child takes a few small nuts between his hands, so that they rattle loosely when he shakes them. He must then strike his closed hands upon his knee and the other players guess, in turn, how many nuts he holds. The various guesses must be put down on paper, and when all have had a turn the first player opens his hands and shows how many nuts he holds. He must then pay to each who guessed correctly the number guessed; but those who guessed incorrectly must pay him.
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