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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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52                           IDEAL HOME LIFE
This is an example of how the game should be played Supposing the first player commences with the letter "p"; the next, thinking of "play," would add an "1"; the next an "o," thinking of "plow"; the next person, not having either of these words in his mind, would add "v"; the next player, perhaps, not knowing the word of which the previous player was thinking, might challenge him, and would lose a "life" on being told the word was "plover." The player next in turn would then start a new word, and perhaps put down "b," thinking of "bat," the next, thinking, say, that the word was "bone," would add an "o," the next player would add "n"; the player whose turn it would now be, not wanting to lose a "life" by finishing the word, would add another "n"; the next player for the same reason would add "e," and then there would be nothing else for the next in turn to do but to complete the word by adding "t" and thus losing a "life."
It will be seen that there are three ways of losing a "life." First, the player may lay down a letter, and on being challenged be unable to give the word. Secondly, he may himself chal­lenge another player who is not at fault. Thirdly, he may be obliged to add the final letter to a word, and so complete it.
This is a most amusing game for a large party, for as the different persons lose their three "lives" the players gradually dwindle down to two or three, when it gets very exciting to see who will be the last person left in, for he or she will be declared the winner.
The Ants and the Grasshopper
Lots are drawn in order to decide who shall be the grass­hopper; the ants then seat themselves in a circle while the grasshopper writes on a piece of paper the name of a grain or food which a grasshopper might be supposed to like. He puts this in his pocket and then addresses the ants:
" Dear friends, I am very hungry: would any of you kindly give me some food ? "
"I have nothing but a grain of barley," says the ant spoken to.
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