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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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54                             IDEAL HOME LIFE
"Oats and beans and barley O!
Do you or I or any one know
How oats and beans and barley grow.
"First the farmer sows his seed, Then he stands and takes his ease, Stamps his foot and claps his hands, And turns him round to view the land.
"Oats and beans and barley O!
Waiting for a partner, waiting for a partner.
Open the ring and send one in.
Oats and beans and barley O!
"So now you're married you must obey, You must be true to all you say, You must be kind, you must be good, And help your wife to chop the wood. Oats and beans and barley O!'!
Sally Waters
This game can be played by any number of children. A ring is formed in which all join, with the exception of one little girl who kneels in the center of the ring. The children then dance round her, singing the following verses:
"LittleSally Waters, sitting in the sun Crying and weeping for a young man. Rise, Sally, rise, wipe off your eyes. Fly to the East and fly to the West, Fly to the very one that you love best."
When they come to the words, "Rise, Sally!" the child in the center rises and chooses another from the ring.
The next two lines are then sung, and the two children in the ring dance round and kiss.
Sally then joins the ring, the second child remaining in the circle, and the game is continued as before until all the players have acted the part of Sally.
Lubin Loo
This game can be played by any number of children. The players form a ring by clasping hands; they then dance round singing the first verse, which after the second verse serves as a chorus.
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