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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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A slip of paper and a pencil is given to each player, who must then write a number of adjectives upon it. The slips are collected and given to the principal player, who has undertaken to read out a short story, substituting the adjectives on the slips for those already in the story. The adjectives must be taken as they come and not picked out to suit the story. The result is sometimes very laughable; as for instance—"The pretty rhi­noceros is a very amiable animal. It is very attractive in its habits, and lives near lakes or rivers. Its delicate skin is so soft that special bullets are needed to pierce it, etc."
The Forbidden Vowels
The players seat themselves and are questioned by the leader of the game and must answer without bringing in a word containing a forbidden vowel. Say the vowel "a" is for­bidden, the leader asks—"Are you fond of playing the piano?" The answer, " Yes, very much," would be correct, as the words do not contain the letter "a." But if the answer were—"Yes, and I am fond of singing too," the speaker would have to pay a forfeit. Any vowel may be forbidden, or if the players choose to make the game very difficult, two vowels may be forbidden. Say "a" and "e" are forbidden, and the question is, "Will your father be late home?" "I do not know," would be a correct answer.
Blowing the Candle
Place a lighted candle on a table at the end of a room. Invite someone to stand in front of it, then blindfold him, make him take three steps backwards, turn round three times and then advance three steps and blow out the candle. If he fails he must pay a forfeit. It will be found that very few are able to succeed, simple though the test appears to be.
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