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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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58                            IDEAL HOME LIFE
Capping Verses
The players are supplied with slips of paper and a pencil and every one writes a line of poetry, either original or from memory. Then the slips must be folded so that the line is hidden; but the last word of the line must be written over the fold. The slips are passed on, so that a different writer supplies the next line, which must rhyme with the last word of the pre­vious line. Again the slips are passed on, a new line is written and passed on with the new rhyming word written on the fold. When the papers have gone the round of the company the slips are unfolded and the verses read out.
Each player is provided with two slips of paper, on one he must write a question and on the other a noun. The papers are then collected and placed in two hats, or any suitable article, the questions in one, the nouns or answers in another.
Each player draws a question and a noun for himself, and must then write, in verse, an answer to the question, bringing in the noun.
Suppose the question and noun to be," Do you like oysters ?" "Carnations," the rhyme written might run like this:
Do I like oysters? Yes I do, And I like carnations too. The first are very good to eat, The latter have an odor sweet.
Hunt the Whistle
The chief participator in this game must be ignorant of the trick about to be played. He is told to kneel down while a lady knights him, naming him "Knight of the Whistle." During die process someone fastens a small whistle to his coat tails by means of a piece of ribbon. He is then bidden to rise up and search for the whistle. The hunt begins; all the players com-
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