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bine to deceive the searcher: they must blow the whistle when­ever they can do so without being detected. When the searcher discovers the trick the game is, of course, at an end.
The Blind Postman
The game of the Blind Postman is one especially adapted for a large party. It is played as follows:
The postman is selected by lot, while the postmaster-general either volunteers his services, or he is elected by the company. The person on whom the unwished-for honor of enacting post­man falls (it may be either a lady or a gentleman) is blindfolded; the remainder of the company meanwhile seating themselves round the room. The number of chairs is limited, so that there shall be one less than the number of players. The postmaster-general then writes the names of certain cities and towns on slips of paper, giving one to each person, so that they may remem­ber by what name they are to answer. Should there be but few players, the names can be given orally. The postman is placed in the center of the room, and the postmaster-general takes up a position from which he can address the entire com­pany. He commences the game by calling out "New York to Boston" (or any other places which he may select). The players bearing these names must instantly rise, and endeavor to change seats with each other; while the postman tries to capture one of them before they accomplish the change. Should he succeed he removes the bandage from his eyes, and takes the chair which his captive has vacated, while the latter is blindfolded and be­comes postman in turn, in addition to paying a forfeit. Forfeits are also incurred by those who do not spring to their feet and endeavor to change seats with the town or city whose name is called in connection with their own. Forfeits are also demanded of those who, in their hurry to be in time, answer when their name has not been called. The confusion caused by these contretemps places many chances in the postman's favor. The postmaster-general may hold his appointment.till the end of the game, but if he tires of his honors he may resign.
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