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60                            IDEAL HOME LIFE
Honey Pots
For little ones there is scarcely a more popular game than "Honey Pots." Small children of three and four can be in­cluded in this game, but there should be two bigger children for the "Buyer" and the "Merchant." The children, with the exception of the Buyer and Merchant, seat themselves upon the floor of the room, with their knees raised and their hands clasped together round them. These children are called " Honey Pots." The Merchant and the Buyer then talk about the quality and quantity of the Honey, and the price of each Pot. It is agreed that the price to be paid shall be according to the weight of the "Honey" and the "Pot." The children are carefully "weighed" by raising them two or three times from the floor and swinging them by their arms, one arm being held by the Merchant and the other by the Buyer.
When the "Honey Pots" are all weighed the Buyer says he will purchase the whole of the stock, and asks the Merchant to help him carry the Pots home. Then the Merchant and the Buyer carry the children one by one to the other end of the room.
When all are safely at the Buyer's house, the Merchant goes out of the room, but suddenly returns and says to the Buyer: "I believe you have carried off my little daughter in one of the Honey Pots." The Buyer replies: "I think not. You sold me all the Pots full of Honey, but if you doubt me you can taste them."
The Merchant then pretends to taste the Honey, and after having tried two or three Pots exclaims: "Ah! this tastes very much like my little daughter." The little girl who represents the Honey Pot chosen by the Merchant then cries out: "Yes, I am your little girl," and immediately jumps up and runs away, the Buyer at the same time endeavoring to catch her.
When the one Honey Pot runs away all the others do the same, the Buyer catches whom he can, and the game recom­mences.
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