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"They Can Do Little Who Cannot Do This, This. This"
This game is played thus: The party seat themselves in a circle, or round the fire; the first person then takes a stick in the right hand, and, knocking the floor, says, " They can do little who cannot do this, this, this." Then passing the stick from the right to the left hand, presents it to the next person. The little folks think the catch is in the number of knocks, or in the words spoken, when it is merely in taking the stick in the right hand, and passing it with the left hand to the next person. A forfeit must be paid for each mistake.
Malaga Raisins
The game is very amusing, and is almost sure to bring in a large number of forfeits for the director to redeem at the end of the evening. The catch is caused by the director coughing, or making a noise with his throat, before he says the sentence, which all the company must repeat after him, one at a time. Thus, the party having all seated themselves in a circle, the director says, " H-e-m (here making a noise in his throat), Malaga raisins are very good raisins, but Valencias are better." The young lady or gentleman sitting second is almost sure to say, " Malaga raisins are very good raisins, but Valencias are better." Of course incurring a forfeit through not saying "H-e-m" (or making a noise in the throat) like the director. So soon as any one of the party has repeated the sentence, if the little lady or gentleman leaves out the " Hem," the director says, " Edward, or Fanny, (or whoever it may be,) you have said wrong,—a for­feit!" but must not tell him how he has said wrong; and then passes on to the next. The third, fourth, and almost all the party, with the exception of those who have played this game before, are almost sure to leave out the " Hem," and thus incur a forfeit each, as often as the game goes round; it makes the game more amusing even, if one or two of the number do know the trick, as to those not in the secret it seems the more puzzling that others should do it correctly and they not. And it is very
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