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A Peanut Gathering
As the title of this game suggests, the object is to gather peanuts which have been hidden in every available nook and corner, in crevices of sofas and chairs, under bric-a-brac, on mantels and behind doors, etc. Each hunter is provided with a bag which is made with a piece of tape across the middle of the top, on which his name is written. As the peanuts are found they are placed in the bags. When it is thought that the hunting has continued long enough, the hunters are recalled to the room from which they started, and the contents of the bags are counted by a committee appointed for the purpose, and a prize is awarded to the hunter having the largest number of peanuts.
Make twelve or sixteen bags six inches square of bed-ticking or heavy canvas and loosely fill them with beans which have been previously washed and dried to remove all dust. With these can be played a variety of games, the two most interesting of which are as follows:
Appoint two leaders, who choose sides, arranging the sides in lines facing each other, with a small table at each end of each line.
The bean-bags being equally divided, each leader deposits his share upon the table nearest him. Then at a given signal, seizing one bag at a time with one hand, with the other he starts them down the line, each player passing them to the next until they reach the last, who places them as fast as received upon the table next him.
When all the bags have reached this table, the last player, seizing each in turn, sends them back up the line to the leader, who again deposits them upon his table.
Whichever side first succeeds in passing all of the bags down
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