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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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a kilt. This must be fastened to the glove either with glue, or with stitching, in such a manner that the fingers appear like the Highlander's legs. The figure can then be made to dance jigs and cut capers in a very funny manner.
The Cork Dancer
Cut out the head and bust of a figure in cork; run four stout bristles into this so that it will stand upright. Paint the face, put on a cap and dress of tissue paper, then stand it upon the sounding board of a square or grand piano and play a lively tune. The vibration will cause the figure to dance very quaintly.
Magic Flute
Take an unused cork that has neither crack nor hole in it; place it against the teeth, holding it tightly with the lips, and play upon it with the handles of two forks. An imitation of the sound of a flute will thus be produced, and simple airs can be played.
The Mocking Call
Cut a small square piece from the leaf of the common leek, lay it on a clean board, and scrape away a piece of the green, pulpy substance of the leaf, being very careful not to injure the skin.
Place this against the roof of the mouth with the skin side downwards; press it into place with the tongue, and blow between the tongue and upper teeth. With a little practice sounds of animals and birds can easily be imitated.
Shovelboard, or Shuffleboard
Take a board, or else use an unpolished table that will not suffer by a little scratching. Rule a line at each end, five inches from the end. Take eight pieces of metal or heavy counters, and give two each to four players.
It is usual to play in sides, and the counters must be marked
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