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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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so that the four belonging to one side may be distinguished from the opponents'.
The counters are placed on the line at one end and, turn and turn about, first friend, then foe, push or shuffle these towards the opposite line. If the counters rest on the line, one point is counted; if they cross the line, two points are counted, and if a counter rests at the edge of the table, half on, half off, it counts three.
The counters which do not cross the line, or which fall off, count no points. Twenty-one points is the limit for the game.
Ring the Nail
Drive a number of nails into a board, taking care that a nail in the center is very much taller than the rest. This is called the King. Some small rings are now required, brass curtain rings answer the purpose very well. Each player has so many rings to throw with, and must try to throw them over the nails. For every successful cast five is counted, unless the King is ringed, when twenty is counted.
Skipjack is made from the wishbone of a fowl." Clean it well and fix two pieces of strong elastic or cat-gut to the two arms. These must be well twisted before being made fast. Then insert a piece of stick in the center of the twisted strings, pull the long end of the stick backwards, fasten it to the pointed arch of the wishbone with a piece of cobbler's wax, place the toy on the ground, stick downward, and very soon the wax will give and "Jack" will begin to skip.
A Sucker
Cut a round piece of leather and bore a small hole in the center. Through this hole pass a string with a knot at one end sufficiently large to prevent the string running through. Soak the leather thoroughly,, then press it against the flat surface of
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