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The Height of a Hat
V ERY few people have any idea of the real height of a gen­tleman's high hat, as you will easily discover if you show one to the company. After they have viewed the hat, put it out of the room, and ask those present to mark what they suppose to be the height of it on the wall.
When this has been done, bring in the hat again, and you will find that nearly every one is absurdly out in his attempt.
To Suspend a Needle in the Air
Place a magnet on a stand in order to raise it a little above the level of the table.
Then bring a small sewing-needle containing some thread close to the magnet, and, to prevent the needle attaching itself thereto, keep hold of the end of the thread.
The needle in endeavoring to fly to the magnet and being prevented by the thread, will remain suspended in mid-air.
The Dancing Egg
Get a hard-boiled egg, and place it on the reverse side of a smooth polished plate or bread-platter. If you now turn the plate round while holding it in a horizontal position, the egg, which is in the middle of it, will turn round also, and as the pace is quickened, the egg will move more and more quickly, until it stands up on one end and spins round like a top. In order to be quite sure that the experiment will succeed, you should keep the egg upright, while it is being boiled, so that the inside may be hardened in the proper position.
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