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The harder the puffs or blows, the more obstinate the cork will appear to be; and even if the effect of blowing gently be tried, it will be of no use; the cork will not go into the bottle, much to the amusement of those who are watching. The reason why the cork will not go in is this: The bottle being already full of air, when the cork is blown, more air will be forced into the bottle, and consequently the air inside will be greatly compressed, and will simply force the cork back.
The following is a simple way of overcoming the difficulty: Instead of trying to force the cork through the compressed air in the bottle, just the contrary should be tried, that isó some of the air should be sucked out of the bottle; this being done, the botde will become partly emptied, and when the outside air rushes in to fill up the empty space, it will carry the cork with it to the bottom of the botde.
How to Light a Candle Without Touching It
Having allowed a candle to burn till it has a long snuff, blow it out suddenly. A wreath of smoke will ascend into the air. Now if a lighted match is put to the smoke at a distance of three or four inches from the wick, the fire will run down the cloud, and relight the candle.
The Vanishing Dime
Stick a small piece of white wax on the nail of the middle finger of your right hand, taking care that no one sees you do it.
Then place a dime in the palm of your hand, and tell your audience that you can make it vanish at the word of command.
You then close your hand so that the dime sticks to the waxed nail. Blow on your hand and make magic passes, and cry "Dime, begone!" Open your hand so quickly that no one will see the dime stuck to the back of your nail, and show your empty hand. To make the dime reappear, you merely close your hand again, and rub the dime into your palm.
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