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The Force of a Water-Drop
Get a match, and make a notch in the middle of it, bend it so as to form an acute angle, and place it over the mouth of a bottle.
Now place a small coin on the match, and ask anyone to get the coin into the bottle without touching either the bottle or the match.
This is very easy to do. Dip your finger in a glass of water, hold it over the place where the match is notched, and let one or two drops fall on this point. The force of the water will cause the sides of the angle to move apart, and the opening thus becomes large enough to let the coin fall into the bottle.
The Dancing Pea
For this trick, take a piece, two or three inches long, of the stem of a clay tobacco pipe, taking care that one end is quite even; with a knife or file, work the hole at the even end larger, so as to form a little cup. Choose the roundest pea you can find, run two small pins crosswise through it, put the point of one in the cup of the pipe and blow softly through the other end of the pipe, throwing back your head while you blow, so that you can hold the pipe in an upright position over your mouth.
The pea will rise, fall, and dance in its cup, according to the degree of force you use in blowing, but you must take care not to blow too hard, or you may blow it away altogether.
The Coin Trick
Take a coin in each hand, and stretch out your arms as far apart as you can. Then tell your audience that you will make both coins pass into one hand without bringing your hands together.
This is easily done by placing one coin upon the table and then turning your body round until the hand with the other
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