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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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80                            IDEAL HOME LIFE
Take a piece of cardboard larger than the mouth of the glass; pass a cord through a small hole in the center of the card, and fasten it by means of a knot on the under side, then carefully cover the hole with wax, so that no air may get in.
Place your cardboard over the glass full of water, and by mak­ing a loop in the end of the cord, you can hang the glass from a hook in the ceiling without any fear of its falling off. In order to make sure that no air can get into the glass, it is wise to smear the rim with tallow before laying the cardboard on.
Chinese Shadows
Here is a simple way of making shadow pictures. Place a candle on the table, and fix a piece of white paper on the wall at the same height from the ground as the light is. Now place some non-transparent object, as for instance, a large book, between the candle and the paper, and on one side of the table place a mirror so that it will reflect the light of the candle on to the paper on the wall.
If you now put little cardboard figures between the candle and the mirror, a shadow will be thrown on the white paper, and you can move your figures about just as you please.
The Game of Shadows
For this game you require a white sheet to be hung up at the end of the room. Then the "shadow-makers" take up their places on low stools behind the sheet; there must be only one lamp in the room, which should be placed about six or seven feet behind the " shadow-makers." Then the " shadow-makers'' drape themselves with shawls, or anything handy, and take their places so that their shadows are thrown upon the sheet. They must of course try to disguise themselves, so that the "shadow-seekers" may not be able to guess their identity.
By loosening the hair and letting it fall over the face, a girl may appear like a man with a beard; bending the finger over the nose gives one a very queer-looking hooked nose in the shadow, and entirely alters the appearance of the face. Covering one-
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