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self up in a sheet and then extending the arms, gives one the appearance of a large bat.
As soon as a "shadow-maker's" identity has been guessed, he must take his place as a "shadow-seeker," and the one who guessed him becomes a "shadow-maker." The penalty of a glance behind on the part of the "shadow-seeker" is to pay a forfeit.
Living Shadows
In order to make these, you must stand in the corner of the room, near a mirror. Let some one hold a light behind you, so that the shadow of your head and shoulders will be thrown upon the wall, and also so that the reflected light from the mirror will fall at exactly the same spot as the shadow of your head.
If the mirror is now covered with a piece of thick paper, from which two eyes, a nose, and a mouth are cut out, a strange effect will be produced. In order to make the shadow still more lifelike, cut out two pieces of paper, fasten one over the mirror, and move the other over it. In this way the eyes and mouth of the shadow may be made to move.
To Guess the Two Ends of a Line of Dominoes
For this trick a whole set of dominoes is required, the per­former taking care to hide one of the set not a double in his pocket. The remaining dominoes should be well shuffled, and placed according to the ordinary rules of domino games, and the performer undertakes to tell, without seeing them, the two numbers forming the extremes of the line, set during his absence from the room.
The numbers on the extreme ends of the domino line will be exactly the same as the numbers on the domino which the performer has in his pocket.
If he is asked to repeat the trick he should be sure to change the hidden domino, or he may chance to be found out.
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