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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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Trial of the Thumb
Place the inside of the thumb on the edge of a table, taking care that neither of the fingers nor the palm of the hand touch it, next move your feet as far back as you possibly can, and then, taking a spring from the thumb, recover your standing position, without shifting your feet forward. The table should be a heavy one, and not upon castors, or the other end should be placed against a wall, else in springing back you would in all probability push it away and fall upon your hands and knees. It greatly facilitates the spring if you rock yourself to and fro three or four times before you take it; and it is best to begin as in the "palm-spring," with the feet at a little distance from the table, increasing the "trial of the thumb" by degrees.
Tumble-Down Dick
A strong, long-backed old-fashioned chair is the best adapted for this feat. Place the chair down on the floor, front legs down, and put a small piece of money at the end or else about the middle of the back. Next kneel on the back legs of the chair, and take hold with both hands of the sides of the legs near the seat rail; then bend down and endeavor to touch the back of the chair with your face, and take up the piece of money; you must be careful that you do not fall forwards, or allow the top of the chair to touch the ground. The position of the hands may be altered, either higher up or lower down the back of the chair, as may be necessary.
To Take a Chair from Under You without Falling
In order to perform this feat, you must lie along on three chairs. Throw up your chest, keep your shoulders down, and your limbs as stiff as you possibly can; then take the center chair from under your body, carry it over and place it again under your body on the opposite side. Although this at first sight appears difficult, yet in reality it is very easy; it is well, however,
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