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(a)  Name an English word containing eight syllables.
(b)   Name an English word in which the letter "i" occurs five times.
(c)  Name at least three English words, each of which contains
all the vowels, including the "y." Answers.—(a) Incomprehensibility; (b) Invisibility; (c) Re­volutionary; Elocutionary; Unquestionably.
Hidden Words
Give each of the players paper and pencil, and tell them to describe a number of words, the initial letters of which will form a word they must guess. Each player in turn does this, then reads his riddles aloud, while the others guess.
My first is a very cruel Roman Emperor ....   Nero.
My second is one of Longfellow's heroines . . .   Evangeline.
My third is the king of beasts ........   Lion.
My fourth is a bird of flight.........   Swallow.
My fifth is a favorite fruit..........   Orange.
My sixth is a very secluded religious woman. . .   Nun. My whole is a hero, dear to every British heart. .
Why is life the greatest of all conundrums? Because we must all give it up.
Which is swifter, heat or cold? Heat, because you can catch cold.
Why are dudes no longer imported into this country from England? Because a Yankee dude'll do (Yankee doodle doo).
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