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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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92                            IDEAL HOME LIFE
What word of only three syllables combines in it twenty-six letters ? Alphabet.
What man mentioned in the Bible had no father ? Joshua, the son of Nun.
When will there be but twenty-five letters in the alphabet? When U and I are one.
Why is it impossible for a swell who lisps to believe in the existence of young ladies? Because he calls every miss a mith (myth).
What was Joan of Arc made of ? Maid of Orleans.
Why are your eyes like friends separated by the ocean? Because they correspond but never meet.
Why is a lady who faints in a public place like a good inten­tion? Because she needs carrying out.
What is the brightest idea in the world ? Your eye, dear.
What animal drops from the clouds ? The rain, dear (rein­deer).
I went out walking one day and met three beggars; to the first I gave ten cents, to the second I also gave ten cents, and to the third I gave but five—what time of day was it ? A quarter to three.
What is that which by losing an eye has nothing left but a nose ? Noise.
Why is a hen immortal ? Because her son never sets.
What is that which is full of holes and yet holds water ? A sponge.
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