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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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96                            IDEAL HOME LIEE
When were walking-sticks first mentioned in the Bible? When Eve presented Adam with a little Cain (cane).
Why does a cat look on first one side and then another when she enters a room? Because she can't look on both sides at the same time.
Why is Philadelphia more subject to earthquakes than any other city? Because she is a Quaker city.
In what liquid does the Queen of Spain take her medicine ? In cider (side her).
Who was the first woman spoken of in the Bible? Genesis (Jennis Sis).
Why do tailors make very ardent lovers? Because they press their suits.
What would contain all the snuff in the world? No one nose (knows).
What is the first thing a man sets in his garden? His foot.
When may bread be said to be alive ? When it has a little Indian in it.
Why does a bachelor who has a counterfeit half-dollar passed on him want to get married ? To get a better half.
Why does a sculptor die a most horrible death? Because he makes faces and busts.
Why are washerwomen great flirts? Because they wring men's bosoms.
Why is a married man like a fire ? Because he provokes his wife by going out at night.
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