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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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100                           IDEAL HOME LIFE
What is that which works when it plays and plays when it works? A fountain.
Why are fowls the most economical things a farmer can keep ? Because for every grain they give a peck.
If a man who is carrying a dozen lamps drops one, what does he become? A lamp lighter.
Why is a spider a good correspondent ? Because he drops a line at every post.
Why is a watch like a river? Because it doesn't run long without winding.
What is that which flies high, flies low, has no feet, and yet wears shoes? Dust.
When has a man four hands ? When he doubles his fists.
What is the difference between a schoolmaster and an engine-driver ? One minds the train and the other trains the mind.
A man had twenty sick (six) sheep, and one died: how many were left? 19.
Which is the best day for making a pancake ? Friday.
Which is the smallest bridge in the world ? The bridge of your nose.
What four letters would frighten a thief ? O I C U.
Which is easier to spell—fiddle-de-dee or fiddle-de-dum? Fiddle-de-dee, because it is spelt with more "e's."
Why are weary people like carriage-wheels? Because they are tired.
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