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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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102                          IDEAL HOME LIFE
What is that which happens twice in a moment and not once in a thousand years? The letter M.
What sea would a man most like to be in on a wet day ? A dry attic (Adriatic).
Why is coffee like an axe with a dull edge ? Because it must be ground before it is used.
What is the difference between a bottle of medicine and a troublesome boy? One is to be well shaken before taken, and the other is to be taken and then shaken.
Why did William Tell shudder when he shot the apple from his son's head? Because it was an arrow escape for his child.
What is that which the more you take from it the larger it grows? A hole.
Why should a man always wear a watch when he travels in a waterless desert ? Because every watch has a spring in it.
Of what trade is the sun ? A tanner.
What relation is a doormat to a door? Step-fa(r)ther.
What is that which you cannot hold ten minutes, although it is as light as a feather? Your breath.
What is the worst weather for rats and mice? When it rains cats and dogs.
When are two apples alike? When pared.
What is the difference between a blind man and a sailor in prison ? One cannot see to go and the other cannot go to sea.
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