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The "Band-Box" Charade Scene i: A Street
T HIS can be made by placing a row of chairs with open backs near the wall facing the audience; a child is sta­tioned behind each chair, and, looking through the open back, pretends to be looking out of a window.
ist Child (behind chair).—Oh! dear, how dull our street always
is. I declare nothing nice ever comes this way. 2nd Child.—No, I quite agree with you. Why, I haven't seen
a "Punch and Judy" for months. I wish my mother would
go and live in another street. 3rd Child.—Never mind, let us go out and have a game.
(Enter five or six children—or a lesser number, if more
convenient—carrying toy musical instruments.) ist Child.—Hurrah! Here comes a German Band. Come
along, children; let's go and listen to it.
(The band groups itself at the end of the street; and the
children stand round. After tuning up, the band begins
to play.) 2nd Child.—Now, Mary Jane, we can dance. I'll dance with
you. 3rd Child.—No, / want to dance with Mary Jane, ist Child.—I don't want to dance at all. 2nd Child.—You must. 3rd Child.—Yes, you must.
(Band ceases playing and one of the bandsmen comes round
for money.)
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