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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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Uncle Dick (roaring).—Here's your Christmas box, and may it teach you to be more careful in future. (Boxes Tommy's ears.)
Scene 3: Milliner's Shop
Mistress (to new apprentice).—Now, Mary, you must take Lady Fashion's new bonnet home, and be sure you wait to hear if her ladyship approves of it.
Mary.—Yes, madam, and what shall I say if she doesn't ?
Mistress.—Oh! you must listen to what she has to say and then answer: "Very good, your ladyship; the alterations shall be made." Now, take the bonnet and go. (Mary takes the bonnet and prepares to start.) You don't mean to say you are going to take it like that?
Mary.—Why not, madam?
Mistress.—You must wrap it up, of course.
(Mistress busies herself with other bonnets while Mary wraps up the bonnet in a newspaper.)
Mary.—Is that right, madam?
Mistress.—Good gracious! no; the idea of taking home her ladyship's bonnet in a newspaper. You must put it in a band-box with some nice soft paper. Here, give the bonnet to me and I will pack it up.
(Mistress packs up the bonnet and gives the box to Mary, who goes off stage.)
Mistress.—Well, I'm sure. I hope that girl will make no more . mistakes, but really she is too trying for anything, and I'm afraid she will never make a good milliner. Fancy a milli­ner who doesn't know the use of a band-box! Ha! ha! ha! Oh! it is too funny for anything.
Exit, laughing.
Here is a list of words which will- divide easily into charade words:
Brides-maids Key-hole            Sweet-heart
Hand-some              Pat-riot             Fox-glove
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