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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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some water. Oh! how good I'll be to them all in future! Fve learned my lesson, and I'll never tease a dumb creature again.
(Curtain falls.)
Forest Glade (as before)
(Fatrtes dancing. Fairy Queen advances at the end of dance, Puck, Sprite, and Tricksy close behind her, rest of Fairies grouped behind. Fairy Queen addresses audience.)
F. Queen.
Our play is ended, now that Jack's been taught To treat dumb creatures as all children ought. True friends they are, if we but treat them well; Grateful for kindness, as their eyes will tell: Willing to render service free to all Whom, in their own dumb way, they "Master" call. The Fairies' Lesson over, now we'll say— Good-by, dear friends, until another day.
(Curtain falls.)
In One Act
The Woodman.           His Wife.           His Boy and Girl.
The Wood Sprite. The Wood Fairy.
Enter Woodman, walking across the stage in shirtsleeves, ragged trousers, and slouched hat, with a hatchet in one hand. He begins hacking away at a log. A Fairy hidden from the Woodman's sight sings:
Woodman, spare that tree,
Touch not a single bough, In youth it sheltered me
And I'll protect it now.
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