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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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118                        IDEAL HOME LIFE
but a common garden plant. You can tell the Prince that I won't marry him; and if he comes to see me he can go away again, for I won't see him. Now you can go! I am tired of silly presents and princes. {Exit Servants with casket.)
The Emperor.—You are a very rude girl!
The Princess {catching him by the hands and making him dance).—No, I'm not. . . . You are only pretending to be cross, you dear old Papa!
The Emperor.—Stop! Stop! You take my breath away!
The Princess {obeying).—Very well; you see what a good daughter I am! I do exactly what you tell me. There! {pushing him into chair.) Sit down and I will make you tidy! {putting his crown straight, and looking at him, head on one side.) You are really very handsome, you know, Papa, when you don't look cross, {to the Maids) Don't you think so?
The Maids {in chorus).—Yes! Yes! He is really very hand­some!
The Princess.—There! You see, they all think as I do! {A knock; enter two other Servants with silver casket.)
The Emperor.—Why! Here's another present for you, my dear. Let us see what this is. It may be something more to your liking.
The Princess.—-No! No! Wait, if it is another rose I shall send it back at once.
The Servant.—Your Highness, this is a nightingale that our Prince has sent you: it sings more beautifully than any other bird in the world.
The Princess.—What is it made of?
The Servant.—Made of . . . ?
The Princess.—Yes, what is it made of, stupid? Gold or silver or diamonds or what?
The Servant.—Your Highness, this is a real nightingale.
The Princess {shrilly).—What! An ugly brown thing with feathers and a beak?
The Servant.—It sings most beautifully.
The Princess {angrily).—No, no! Take it away; I won't have it.
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